What if...


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Let me flip the coin...what if all this is happening for a reason...what if the reason is that nature/god/mother earth/jahve/manitou/...is atually having enough of us and our selfish destroying of our beautiful world...epidemics and pandemics hapenned before...not like this? We didnt have means to all know instantly what is happening in a distant part of the world...natural disasters, wars and similar normally bring people together...this one just emphasize how selfish we become...the main thing on peoples mind is travelling...ok, we are nomads by design but nomads for food, shelter not pleasure...only 20% of population have means of doing that...half of the rest work this 20% for pittance..can we not sit out one summer? See this out?


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This whole lockdown didnt really affected me too much. I worked remotely, watched TV/online shows, did my shopping online so I didnt really care when they told me to stay in and go out once a day. Actually I have not been out for month and Im feeling fine. I bought myself online some plants so I have more friends to talk to. Im the same