Remote working in lockdown


United Kingdom



Just read super interesting Guardian article about changing the office practices. I'm juggling thoughts in my head around my company and my boss that has never before been keen on working from home. Until... late last year. So Guardian asks: "Do we need to go to offices? Work 9 to 5? At this unique moment in history, employers can rethink everything. In essence, we need to stop designing work around location, and start designing work around human behaviour. This is what we should be asking ourselves: if 9-5 had never been invented; if “office” were a foreign term; if the concept of a meeting sounded like gibberish – in short, if today were day one of the history of work – how would you design how you work?" Here's the article if you're keen on reading further:


random story

I'm just fed up. I want my life back! I want to pop on a plane and disappear in Asia. I want to see the clouds from above, to sense freedom. Been locked and feel locked. It's too much.