Expanded Horizons


United Kingdom



Call me an eternal Optimist, but I have welcomed the last year’s “new normal” as opportunity to enhance my spiritual and scientific awareness. I realised how I have neglected my continuous learning and life skills over the past decades, as the repetitive daily habits and business presses have taken priority. Meditative lonely moments, have replaced the public transport chaos and seeing the important things in life has overtaken the minor daily frustrations linked to the hectic city existence. I thank God for all the Health and Knowledge sent my way.


random story

I felt so lonely during the lockdown that I actually couldnt leave my bay window and kept watching people walk the street. Then I spotted a girl living opposite me constantly on the phone, then on her computer. I waited to wave and say magic hello but she never looked my way, I felt so sad and lonely. I now use other window on the back of the house watching cranes building new houses. They cant see me and I keep feeling lonely.