Was it all for nothing?


United Kingdom



All that s**t, stress, lockdowns and all kind of stuff now in england like nothing happened? I remember queueing for toilet paper, pasta, yeast, all kind of cans, getting jabbed several times me and my whole family and one day I wake up and it seems like we can all do whatever we want? I lost my job, luckily wife is still working but I am unsure where to go now what to do next. Any ideas, anyone?


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We've been properly prepared, vaccination done not because of trip, weeks before we have decided to go. For children we made PCR as required but procedure on the border was fast and easy, just show documentation and in 10 min we were driving toward Sani Beach. Weather was perfect, temperature both air and Sea, nothing to add. Some procedures in restorans but basic one, quite relaxed. At the end of the day we had perfect summer holiday, ...