Is this the end of the world?


United Kingdom



I am thinking to stop reading the news. For a moment I thought things are kind of getting better in this country, but I am starting to think perhaps it was better in lockdown. At least we were at home, you knew you can't go anywhere and you won't miss anything. Now I see people queuing for petrol, no lorry drivers here in the UK, they say we'll have empty tables for Christmas... and covid is still around, so what comes next? Depressing...


random story

I really miss travelling... Last time I was abroad it was back in December 2019. and I still don't know when we will be able to travel again so easily as we used to. Now I need to spend half of my holidays money only for all the tests wherever I would go plus rules are changing so often that I could easily get stuck somewhere abroad like a friend of mine who had to spent 2 months in India (instead of 2 weeks) before she was allowed to travel...