Got it Done!





It was all there in folders, on my computer. The dream of writing a book had been percolating for years. All i needed was the time to put all the ideas and information in order and stitch it all together into something that could be shared with the world. I used the 'forced isolation' to finally write and publish the book. "I Breathe Therefore I AM" goes to press in August 2021. Lockdown helped me become and Author. There is always a gift hidden inside adversity, an opportunity inside hard times, good fortune inside bad fortune, a greater sense in something that seems to make no sense, and an excuse to grow and change into the person we want to become. Stay strong... because you are already safe. Breathe Deep My Friends


random story

I can't remember if I was ever this lonely and isolated... I live alone in a house further away of Melbourne. Lockdown after lockdown... I'm afraid my shell is getting smaller and smaller. And it's hard to breathe. Thanks for this website. At least I can type it here hoping that someone will read. Like a message in a bottle...