Locked up in a cage - like being in a zoo

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I love zoos. I love seeing loads of animals on display just for us. But then we were turned into animals ourselves - locked up inside, not allowed to go out or mix with friends and relatives (apart from going out to get food). I wasn't even allowed to go to the gym! How cruel! Maybe we shouldn't have zoos to keep animals - only keep if we are saving from extinction maybe, otherwise, the animals should be free as a bird (or as a human being).


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Just minutes after the announcement I'm 3745 in queue at Ocado shop online. No slots in Tesco or other shops online. And no. I don't f*****g live in central London. w*f? Again shortage of toilet paper, flour and soap? When is this going to end? And tomorrow my fat brown manager will send me on fourlough coz he can get money for me. Did I mention he will still send me work to do on my private email? What a nightmare