About Lockdown Stories

The human need to belong is greater than the need to possess...

We are just like you - pretty ordinary people. We've been living our lives just like you've been living yours, riding the regular ups and downs of this endlessly interesting rollercoaster of life. Until, in early 2020, life became way more interesting than any of us would have liked it to be, or could have even imagined. We collectively hit a sharp down-ride.

Since the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic we've been riding through the whole scale of human emotions: from confusion to shock, from sadness to denial, from indifference to dismissal, from frustration to boredom, from worry to upset, and back to confusion all over again. The most disturbing feeling we've experienced is that of disconnection.

We've proudly mastered Zoom and the art of hiding our pyjama bottoms BSL (Below Screen Line) during morning work meetings. We've become proficient at social distancing, hand sanitising and hiding our faces behind masks when out doing our weekly food shop. We've even got used to the numbers of new deaths announced daily in the news, along with that steadily mounting total death toll.

What we haven't mastered is isolating ourselves and our feelings. We haven't got any better at living in disconnection from others - and we don't want to either.

We believe that in these uncertain times the most important thing we have is each other, our fellow humans. We need a safe place - a community where we can connect and share our life experiences. And as our governments focus on the physical, economic and political aspects of this pandemic, we thought that our hearts might need a safe harbour in the storm. This is why we created Lockdown Stories, so that people can come together out of isolation and separation into connection and community again - a community created around our mutual lockdown pain.

Let's talk, listen and be heard. This is a safe place where we thrive when we are authentic, true to ourselves, far from usual social media pressure to perform and to look nice. Sharing here is anoymous. We don't collect your personal data.

Sadness, shock, joy, laughter, worry, grief, lust, frustration, shame, tenderness... all are welcome here!

Let's connect. Let's deepen our human bonds rather than allow these to be broken apart. We may have to hide our smiles behind masks, but we don't have to hide our hearts.

This is a place for all of us. Our lockdown tribe.